Apple Updates Today

August 7, 2007

Apple released a bunch of new and updated products today:
* “New iMacs”: I would buy one today if I had the slightest use for it. It looks absolutely gorgeous.
* “Updated Mac minis”: Yay! We can still get cheap Mac servers.
* “New wired and wireless keyboards”: I love the wireless without the numeric keypad. This way you can have your mouse closer to the keyboard, and I never use the keypad anyway (now if they could just get rid of the silly caps lock key as well). I’ve been wanting a keyboard like this ever since getting a Mac, so I ordered one immediately–the English (Int’l) version of course, the Danish layout is completely useless for writing code.
* “iLife ’08”: iMovie seems to be worth the upgrade alone. I ordered a family pack.
* “iWork ’08”: I love Keynote, so upgrading was an easy choice. The new spreadsheet, Numbers, looks like a nice addition. One more family pack in the shopping basket.
* “Updated .Mac”: The new web gallery with photo and movie sharing looks like it’s worth the price alone, but I’ll wait for the reviews before deciding whether I’m going to be a .Mac user. I’d also like to see if they are going to support photo sharing from “Aperture”:
* “Updated AirPort Extreme”: Looks like it gained gigabit ethernet, so there’s one less reason not to buy one now.

p=. ! spree)!
_Todays shopping spree comes out at just DKK 2097,-. That’s five copies a lot of software for very little money if you ask me–and a new keyboard too._

*Update*: There’s a “30-day trial of iWork ’08”: available and a bunch of “tutorials”: (via “MacUser”: