JRuby on Rails Screencast

July 21, 2007

“Atlantic Dominion Solutions”:http://www.techcfl.com has posted a “JRuby on Rails screencast”:http://www.techcfl.com/blog/?p=150. It is based on their excellent first JRuby tutorial, “Get JRuby onto the Rails on Mac OS X”:http://www.techcfl.com/blog/?p=109.

bq. Someone told me that watching a video is more fun that reading something. So much for the library I have sitting here then. However, in that spirit, we are happy to release the first in a series of screencast tutorials.

Also, while you’re there make sure you check out part two of their JRuby tutorial: “Deploy Your First JRuby on Rails App to Glassfish”:http://www.techcfl.com/blog/?p=116.

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    Thank you for the great feedback. We are in the process of turning our second tutorial into a screencast, and are looking for ideas for more JRuby on Rails tutorials/screencasts. Any ideas for topics are welcome, and we will try to cover them. If you are at Railsconf Europe find me and say hello. Thanks again.