Tools for the self-employed: Time Tracking

August 25, 2005

Whether you’re an independent consultant, a footloose technology contractor or a freelancer, keeping track of time is vital to your business, which is why I started looking for a good time tracking solution when I began working on my own this month. I found a few options that looked good on the surface, and decided to give “ (Time Management, Timesheet, Time Tracking online –”: a try. After using it for four weeks I can only say, that if you’re looking for an (online) application to keep track of your time, you should definitely try out “ (Time Management, Timesheet, Time Tracking online –”: For me it’s got just the right set of features. It did look a bit too simplistic to me in the beginning, but after using it for four weeks now, I’m very happy with the simple, non-bloated application and hope they’re going to keep it this way (adding a drop of “AJAX (Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications)”: wouldn’t hurt, though).

Finally, I just have to get this out: Boy am I happy not having to enter my time and expenses in some half-assed SAP implementation any more. What a relief it is!