Oracle9iAS Portal And Discoverer Integration

July 15, 2004

* “Oracle9iAS Discoverer Integration with Oracle9iAS Portal(Oracle White Paper)”:
* “Integrating Oracle9iAS Portal Discoverer and Portal(Oracle by Example)”:
* “How To Enable Single Sign On (SSO) For Discoverer 9i (9.0.X)(MetaLink)”:
* “How To Synchronize A Discoverer Private Connection With A Portal SSO Userid For A Workbook Portlet(MetaLink)”:
* “Pointers to 9iAS (9.0.2) and Discoverer 9i (9.0.2) Install Documentation(MetaLink)”:
* “Discoverer 9.0.2 Known Issues: Post 9iAS 2 Release Issue(MetaLink)”:
* “Discoverer 9.0.2 Known Issue Connecting With Discoverer 9.0.2 Plus and Viewer FAQ’s(MetaLink)”:
* Also, patch corrects many of the minor problems in the initial release.

*Discoverer 9.0.2 Known Issue:*
*Discoverer With mod_osso And Portal Fails With “HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden”*

Use this as a workaround:

* Stop OPMN(Oracle Process Manager) <$BI-FORMS_ORACLE_HOME>/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall
* Modify <$BI-FORMS_ORACLE_HOME>/Apache/Apache/conf/mod_osso.conf and set OssoIPCheck off.
_NOTE: The $ORACLE_HOME here is the BI-Forms Oracle Home, not the Infrastructure Oracle Home_
* Restart OPMN(Oracle Process Manager) <$BI-FORMS_ORACLE_HOME>/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall