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Just found a very nice article, “Tips for Optimizing Rails on Oracle”:, on OTN (Oracle Technology Network). Definitely worth reading if you are working with Rails and Oracle:

bq. In this article you dug a bit into how connections to an Oracle database are configured in a Rails application, and you have seen how the framework has been updated in the 1.2 release to have better performances thorough the use of the cursor_sharing and prefetch_rows parameters (while waiting for a real bind variable implementation).
You have also examined the Rails migration commands that are relevant to tuning the database (specially creating/removing indexes).
Finally, as you’ve learned, a good understanding of both how Rails builds the SQL from the code and how the database executes them is needed to get the best performance. The provided plugins should help here.

I’m “tumbling”: my notes from “RailsConf”: at “”:

See you at RailsConf 2007!

February 7, 2007

Yay! Just bought my ticket for “RailsConf 2007”: today. Apparently “tickets are going fast”:, so hurry up if you want to go.

I signed up for the conference and tutorials, so I’ll be in Portland from Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon — probably missing the last keynotes since there doesn’t seem to be any flights back home later than 4 pm.

For a while I was planning on going to RailsConf Europe in Berlin instead, but after adding up the cost of going to Portland (conference fee, flights, hotel) I was surprised to find that it looks like it’ll be cheaper than last year trip to “JAOO”: — which is just a 3 hour drive from where I live! But then JAOO prices are pretty steep.

Leave a comment or “give me a call”: if you want to meet up in Portland.